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Why Buy New Rollers?:

 A garage door is probably the larges moving object in or around your home and is usually one of the most neglected parts of your home.  Garage door rollers are one of the main wear and tear parts on a garage door.  Most homeowners are not aware that your garage door rollers should be replaced every 5 to 7 years, depending on the quality of the roller.  Most garage door rollers are neglected until they bind up or break leaving the homeowner in a messy predicament.  Worn out rollers can cause serious problems with your garage door and lets face it, garage doors always break when you are needing to go somewhere.  When garage door rollers are worn, your door will be noisy and will run rough.  Many people complain that their garage door is noisy… Worn or poor quality rollers are the biggest cause of a noisy garage door.

Why Buy High Quality Lubricants?:

Because a garage door is the largest moving item on a home,  It is important to understand the need for regular maintenance and lubrication.  Garage doors have many metal on metal parts and many parts that have several hundred pounds of force on them.  Regular lubrication with the proper garage door lubricants is vital to the reliability and function of your garage door.  With proper maintenance and lubrication, your garage door will operate much quieter, run smoother and can give you years of worry free service.  There are many popular, over-the-counter multi purpose lubricants that some people use for garage doors.  However, Most of these over-the-counter lubricants do not provide long lasting lubrication and many of them may actually caused drying and damage to garage door rollers, bearings and other parts.  High quality garage door lubricants are designed to adhere to metal parts to provide long lasting lubrication without damaging the sensitive parts of your garage door.

2” Nylon Bearing-less Rollers

Rating = GOOD

2” No bearing Black Nylon Roller, Zinc plated stem

50 lb. load per roller @ 10,000 door cycles

Only Available in a 4” stem

Individually Priced

Part # 204 / Shipping weight 0.24 lbs

Price  $1.89 each

10 Pack

Part # 204-10 / Shipping weight  2.40 lbs.

Price  $16.90

That’s only $1.69 each

2” HD Steel 10 Ball Bearing Rollers

Rating = BETTER

2” 10 bearing Steel Roller, Zinc plated stem

150 lb. load per roller @ 12,000 door cycles

Not as quiet as Nylon rollers but supports heavier loads

4” Stem

Part # 214 / Shipping weight .32 lbs.

Individually Priced

Price  $2.69 each

10 Pack

Part # 214-10 / Shipping Weight 3.20 lbs.

Price  $22.90

That’s only $2.29 each

7” Stem

Part # 217 / Shipping weight .44 lbs.

Individually Priced

Price  $3.29 each

10 Pack

Part # 217-10 / Shipping weight 4.40 lbs.

Price  $29.90

That’s only $2.99 each

2” HD Nylon 13 Ball Bearing Rollers

Rating = BEST

2” Heavy Duty 13 Ball Bearing Nylon Roller, Zinc plated stem

75 lb. load per roller @ 15,000 door cycles

Lasts Longer and makes a door Quieter than any other roller.

4” Stem

Part # 234 / Shipping weight .30 lbs.

Individually Priced

Price  $3.49 each

10 Pack

Part # 234-10 / Shipping weight 3.00 lbs

Price  $31.90

That’s only $3.19 each

7” Stem

Part # 237 / Shipping weight .43 lbs

Individually Priced

Price  $3.89 each

10 Pack

Part # 237-10 / Shipping weight 4.3 lbs.

Price  $35.90

That’s only $3.59 each

Heavy Duty Garage Door Lubricant


This is our favorite Lubricant

Use on all moving parts

Rollers, Hinges, Springs and more

Non Silicone Lubricant

Application Lasts at least one year

Prevents Rust, Corrosion & Dust Build up


Reg. $19.95

Sale $10.97

Pro 21

Spray Grease


Contains no solvents

Use on all moving parts

Rollers, Hinges, Springs and more

Permanently eliminates squeaks and rattles

Prevents Rust


Reg. $14.95

Sale $8.96



Low Temperature

Garage Door Opener Grease


For all screw drive garage door openers

Use on all internal Gears and carriage assemblies

& Moving Parts


Reg. $12.99

Sale $8.99



Screw Drive Lubricant



3/4 oz. Tube (3 applications)

This is the only grease recommended by Genie for all  screw drive openers


Reg. $6.99

Sale $4.95

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